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Bob Browne - Mortgage Broker in Redmond, OR

At R.B. Financial Services, Inc. we provide a cost effective solution to your real estate financing needs, whether it be for a purchase, refinance or new construction loan.

The need for a trusted mortgage advisor in Redmond, OR, has become increasingly apparent due the ever changing and increasingly complex set of new regulations, beginning this year with the enactment of Dodd-Frank and all the new rules. Also, however, with still relatively low rates, and stable values this is an excellent to buy, refinance or even build your new home!

As an approved wholesale lender with several different lenders, your loan approval process is greatly simplified and customized to fit your needs. We will save you time and money, and make any home or construction loan process smooth and efficient.

Our primary focus is providing excellent service and building our client relationships.
We are licensed to originate loans in both Oregon and California. Call us today!

Customer Testimonials:

•    It was a great effort by all parties!  Less than 2 weeks from start to finish. Thank you so much. Phil & Shelley.
•    Ron and I really feel fortunate to be working with you. Thank you for your help, patience, and suggestions.  K.H.
•    On behalf of my family, thank you Bob for your hard work, dedication, and wisdom throughout this journey!  We can never fully express our gratitude to the Lord and so many others that are a part of this and the LWM.
•    Thank you for taking the time to assist Alma, she came into the office and was very pleased with the information and guidance you gave her. Absolutely we will meet in January. Jose.
•    I personally thank-you for your time in calling me, with your facts and your good business sense advice, I am happy to have the same wonderful mutual connection Jose G. I also appreciate your understanding cooperation in your time and taking your time out for me. Talking and listening to me about my concerns. Helping me to understand and confirm what I thought that I did ask about with our loan officer. I hope you know how much this eased my mind, my heart and helped me with proper terminology, extra knowledge and the ability to move forward… Alma

About Our Founder

Robert "Bob" Browne brings more than 25 years of mortgage broker and banking experience with an extensive background in real estate and construction financing. His focus is on originating real estate loans and maintaining current customer service relationships with his clients.
Currently active in:

• Central Oregon Builders Association
• Redmond Chamber of Commerce

• National Association of REALTORS®
• Women's Council of Realtors - Central Oregon Chapter

• Central Oregon Association of REALTORS®



Memberships/Associations: COAR - Bend, Oregon | 22 Years in Business
Redmond Chamber of Commerce and CVB | NMLS | National Association of Realtors®
Women's Council of Realtors
Individual NMLS No. 235283 | Company NMLS No. 234048